John's Interiors strives to give you a GREAT product without the extra dollar! Along with our marked down prices in the showroom, we offer a broader selection of discounted material so everyone's budget is covered!


American Falls

Retail 5.79sqft JI Price 4.29sqft

Addison Landing

Retail 5.79sqft JI Price 4.29sqft

Fall Manor

Retail 6.29sqft JI Price 4.69sqft


Retail 10.79sqft JI Price 8.39sqft

Richmond Hill

Retail 6.47sqft JI Price 4.87sqft


Creek Harbour 

Retail 5.99sqft JI Price 4.59sqft

Waterman Crossing 

Retail 4.59sqft JI Price 3.29sqft

Anthony Meadows 

Retail 5.29sqft JI Price 3.75sqft

South Pier 

Retail 3.29sqft JI Price 2.29sqft

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Abney Glen 

Retail 3.39sqft JI Price 2.29sqft

Spring Mill

Retail 3.19sqft JI Price 2.19sqft

Sky Run

Retail 3.39sqft JI Price 2.29sqft


Morning Line Jr.

Retail 4.46sqft JI Price 2.41sqft

Morning Line

Retail 3.66sqft JI Price 2.88sqft

Morning Line II

Retail 4.76sqft JI Price 2.56sqft



Retail 5.28sqft JI Price 3.83sqft

Headstrong II

Retail 6.65sqft JI Price 3.58sqft


Retail 4.30sqft JI Price 3.37sqft 

Clubhouse II

Retail 5.65sqft JI Price 3.04sqft

Canterbury Park

Retail 5.99sqft JI Price 5.09sqft

Fairmount Park

Retail 4.99sqft JI Price 4.27sqft

Beaumont Park

Retail 3.73sqft JI Price 3.17sqft

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