John's Interiors strives to give you a GREAT product without the extra dollar! Along with our marked down prices in the showroom, we offer a broader selection of discounted material so everyone's budget is covered!

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Retail 6.19/sqft JI Price 5.99/sqft

Spring Mill
Retail 3.19/sqft JI Price 2.19/sqft

Creek Harbour 
Retail 5.99sqft JI Price 4.59sqft

Autumn Crest
Retail 5.95/sqft JI Price 4.19/sqft

Anchor Way 
Retail 3.45/sqft JI Price 1.85/sqft

Retail 3.89/sqft JI Price 2.89/sqft

Retail 3.89/sqft JI Price 2.89/sqft


More John's Interiors discounts IN STORE!


Morning Line II
Retail 4.76/sqft JI Price 2.56/sqft

Headstrong II
Retail 6.65/sqft JI Price 3.58/sqft

Clubhouse II
Retail 5.65/sqft JI Price 3.04/sqft

Canterbury Park
Retail 5.99/sqft JI Price 5.09/sqft

Fairmount Park
Retail 4.99/sqft JI Price 4.27/sqft

Beaumont Park
Retail 3.73/sqft JI Price 3.17/sqft

Camana Bay
Retail 6.79/sqft JI Price 3.41/sqft

Feeling Good
Retail 6.59/sqft JI Price 4.28/sqft

Stunning Creation
Retail 7.99/sqft JI Price 4.76/sqft

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